Concrete Hollow Block making

It may surprise visitors to know that to make concrete blocks for building construction you don't need huge expensive automatic machinery.  We help the supported community to make hollow-block construction block's using training, with their manual labour and  inexpensive manual concrete mould press we supply to the community.  
One brick at a time and there is the start of a new building for the community and when they have made enough for their own needs the start of a business and the ability to become self reliant with great self respect.

Recipients Outcomes

Hearts and Hands Community Development has assisted 2 communities with the provision of a Hollow Block Making machine and education in its use as well as budgeting skills training in order to enable the community to develop a long term self fulfilling existence.

The success within one over 12 short months constructed 3 community buildings and housing for their community. This community is now assisting 15 nearby impoveraged communities to raise themselves out of despair  proving that a helping hand up, respect and support is the answer not the traditional hand out charity model.