"It's not OK to hurt a child.

Every day it's not OK"

About Umbrella Hearts

Umbrella Hearts 'Ribbon campaign' was launched in Australia and the Philippines in 2015 when it was determined that awareness and involvement for all was needed to keep children safe from harm.   Keeping children safe is everyones' responsibility.

After many years working within the child protection sector in Australia, and witnessing the lasting and devastating effect abuse on a child has, the Umbrella Hearts 'Ribbon campaign' was born. 

'Umbrella Hearts', supported by Hearts and Hands Community Development, decided that this abuse has to stop.  We need to ensure that abuse in all its forms will no longer be tolerated within society or be hidden behind closed doors.

Hearts & Hands ‘Umbrella Hearts’  Ribbon was launched with the aim to raise awareness of this devastating action going on in communities around Australia and across the globe.

It is time for every individual to stand up and be counted, to stand up and say this has to STOP and we will no longer turn a blind eye or stay silent when a child is being abused. 

Umbrella Hearts is an awareness programme unlike others in society that emphasise a special day or month -   Hearts and Hands ‘Umbrella Hearts' ribbon believes it needs to be every person every day to keep ALL children safe.

It is a simple thing to do, just wear the Umbrella Ribbon proudly and talk to others about why you wear it and your belief that children must not experience abuse of any kind, and you, as one member of your community will stand up and be counted, you will not stay silent or turn a blind eye.


The Umbrella Hearts Project intends:

  • To raise awareness of Abuse occurring within our community

  • To get people individually to take a stand against abuse and not be afraid to report it 

  • To educate people to know how they can  safely be involved in stamping out the abuse crime occurring within our community

  • To encourage a return to the community of  "it takes a community to raise a child"  

  • To ensure it is up to all of us to care for the safety of our children and others

  • To raise understanding that no child or person deserves to live in fear, poverty or being abused 

  • To raise understanding that Abuse in all its forms is a criminal activity and should be treated as such

  • To eliminate Abuse from our community through community involvement, reporting, and refusal to stay silent.

  • To encourage community individuals to never turn a blind eye to abuse of any kind nor support it by their own inaction

  • To remove the stigma associated with 'dob-in' - these perpetrators are criminals within our society and need to be viewed that way, 'dob-in' a criminal is nothing to be ashamed of

  • To raise understanding and encourage, like the 'perpetrators abuse by choice' we need to choose to stand up against this illegal activity

  • To encourage support of victims while demanding appropriate penalties being handed down to these criminals by societal authorities

  • Raising understanding that it is NEVER the victims fault, it is solely the criminal perpetrators responsibility


Umbrella Hearts Future direction

  • The Hearts and Hands Community Development - Umbrella Hearts project,  will remain a  'Not for Profit' project and will not become a “profit based” project.

  • Any and all income generated or donated through Umbrella Hearts in excess of running and development needs will be used to expand and further develop Hearts and Hands Community Development charity and its projects.

Mission Statement

The Umbrella Hearts project will enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families, and communities by working towards eliminating Abuse within our community, enabling individual community members the opportunity to assist the disadvantaged to reach their fullest potential without continued exploitation or abuse of any kind.