Support Administration


All operations have unavoidable costs involved and being a charity does not exclude us from those costs.

If you will help us and support these costs  enabling our efforts & other donated funds to be used solely for the supported communities/projects, please consider supporting this aspect of Hearts and Hands Community Development with a administration donation or giving ongoing support for admin. We welcome partners who have a passion to relieve poverty and injustice in our world and who are willing to give a hand-up not a hand-out to the needy in our world.

Thank You for your assistance.

Support Projects

All donations received by Hearts & Hands Community Development via this link are used entirely for the supported community projects in order to raise the supported community out of abject poverty and despair, to enable them to develop self-pride, self reliance, self development and self sustainability.  

Donations over $5:00 are now Tax Deductible (Australia)

Travel & Accomodation

Travel & Accomodation

For successful support to be provided to the disadvantaged communities we need to have people willing to travel to and visit those communities. These volunteers currently cover all their own costs to perform this vital role and assistance in this would be very much appreciated.

You can make specified use donations and or support which would greatly improve the 'on ground' capabilities of our  volunteer traveling personnel.

Your support in this regard can also enable another supporter who does not have the resources themselves to travel to the supported community the opportunity to provide their skill and passion that would otherwise not be possible.

We would be greatful for any assistance in this regard you can give. We would also be happy to provide you with details of how your generous support has been used and what it has achieved.