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You can achieve so much being a member.

You become involved, no longer an observer.

Your membership gives you the ability to influence sector positive changes,

take control of your own life, assist others to take control of their's and provide encouragement to think 'outside the square'.

That box society tends to put us in becomes no longer relevant in your life.

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Business Membership:

Business membership enables your business to have a positive outlook in the sector, shows perspective end users you care and want to improve their positive experiences when using services or products provided.

Business Membership enables the member business to have an input into sector change and give feedback on member reviews.

We understand change is not a priority with most businesses but at the same time when it occurs you are very quick to take up the change.

Supporting the end user Hearts and Hands Community Development and its projects Butterfly Hearts and Umbrella Hearts are attempting to advocate for positive change enabling the business to be involved in a way that takes little to no effort from the business.

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Without your support Butterfly Hearts would be unable to provide this site and all its benefits.

Your support is very much appreciated.