Current Projects in the Philippines

Kalipay Negrense Foundation 

Hearts and Hands Community Development proudly support the children and people of

Kalipay Negrense Foundation  

Kalipay Negrense Foundation Inc. is a non-profit foundation working for the causes of disadvantaged children – the homeless, physically and sexually abused,  malnourished, out of school, special children and those at risk of child trafficking. It is breaking the cycle of hopelessness in the lives of disadvantaged children by providing shelter and food, health care and support and introducing them to education.

The image of homeless, hopeless people who work and live on the streets is a familiar sight. Forced on the street by spirit-destroying poverty and family dysfunction – the ones who suffer the most are the children.

Kalipay Negrense Foundation Inc. was conceptualized by Ms. Anna Balcells and some friends in 2007 and was established as an urgent and concrete response to the growing number of abused and abandoned children in Negros Occidental.

We proudly support and assist Kalipay and the changes to vonurable children lives they are succeeding making. 




The education system in the Philippines is very different to that we enjoy in Australia. Children have to purchase ALL their own materials, and there may be up to 80 in a class. The government provides very little incentive or provisions for teaching. Teaching aides and materials is reliant on the teacher and not funded by the government. Therefore a great number of children are not able to get an education because of the funds required to attend.

So many things are needed that we in Australia take for granted, reading material for the children, pens, colouring pencils, even paper.  A pair of new slippers (thongs) just to allow them to walk to school in a little comfort. Any and all of these things can be donated with our greatest gratitude.


Education Projects we are involved with:

Negros Occidental, after the completion of a school building paid for by a generous individal Hearts & Hands Community Development accepted the task to provide the school with black boards, fans, education and teaching resources etc. as well as desks and chairs for children and teachers.

We are currently looking for ways we can provide some computers to enable high school and college students to gain valuable IT experience.


Education Supplies: 

Hearts and Hands Community Development continue to assist and support the local schools in the communities we work with, with much needed education supplies, school uniforms for the children from the communities we support enabling them to go to school to get an education.

Community Aid

Hearts and Hands Community Development Food Programme

The staple diet of many Filippino’s is rice like most other Asian countries. This varies in degree from province to province but in general is the rule.

While rice may be plentiful it, in itself, is not all that cheap. The people can pay around 67php ($1.55 au) per kilo. This may not sound very much to us in Australia but a household of 2 adults and 2 children would consume roughly 5 – 6 kg of rice a week.

That equates to 402php per week just spent on rice to feed the family and when you consider that the average villager within the communitys Hearts and Hands Community Development programmes assist may only earn 200php or less for the whole week, you can see the villagers plight.  In order to enable the community to learn and implement self sustaining community improvements Hearts and Hands Community Development provide a daily midday meal for the people who are attending our skills training programme. 

The purchase of 50kg Bag of rice at approximately ($60 australian) goes a long way to helping a lot of people have a meal and be able to quickly implement self-sustaining projects within the community.

Additionally we have also provided food packages and water for victims of Typhoon Yolanda, food bundles for an extremely poor village in the mountains and also provide sacks of rice, infant formula and powdered milk to children's homes that are in desperate need.

'Understanding we cannot do it all' we continue to assist and support other organisations implement local feeding programmes within city slums.

Skills Training

Hearts and Hands Community Development volunteers offer to the supported communities skill development work shops and one on one education in many and varied skills.  These consist of but not limited to personal hygiene, education, child raising, learning skills, safe environment, skills to make bricks, building skills, sewing skills, crochet skills plus many other skills and supports. 


Hearts and Hands Community Development provide conditional funding in the form of equipment and initial materials to enable the supported community to quickly establish a self sustaining community income generating activity.

Additional Support Activity 

Empowering Girls and Women


                                              We have recently linked in to an organisation called 'Days For Girls' who provide                                                     washable and re-usable feminine hygiene products. These are made from flannelette                                                 & cotton and provided to girls and women in impoverished communities who would                                                   otherwise go without and most often use unhealthy measures or stay in their houses                                                 for a number of days each month.


This programme allows them to stay in school and gives them back their dignity.

A dedicated group of Hearts and Hands volunteer sewer's, cutters and packers produce these kits.  We are then thrilled to be able to send kits to the communities in Bacolod.

If you would like to get on board with this great programme or would like to donate some items we can use please let us know. We need cotton fabric, flannelette (old sheets are fine), New undies – size 10/12, large zip lock bags (for washing) and face washers.

Please help if you can.