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Holiday Travel

Travel for people with mobility issues need not be impossible.

Knowing your limitations and what's available to assist you, can make the difference between a great travel experience and a great disappointment.

Wheelchair & Happy

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Holiday by Bus


Holiday by Train


Flying is considered a very safe and convenient way of travel, although there are some things to be considered if you experience mobility or other issues.


  • Ticketing staff cannot be expected to know or understand your needs or requirements.

  • Be very clear as to what are your needs and understand your needs may not be serviceable in general seating accommodation.

  • You may need to consider a different seating 'Class' which may incur a higher cost.

  • On most flights there are a few seats available with more leg room or with wider seats. 

  • Traveling with medical equipment in your luggage? Contact your airline regarding your medical equipment.  It may not fall into the specified luggage weight limit.

  • The cheaper seats may not suit your situation as the carriers cater for the majority, not the individual.

  • Most airports have mobility support staff to assist the traveller with mobility issues, the ability to be taken to their in-airport destination by wheelchair or motorised carriage.  To take advantage of this service, ask for it at the time of booking and when you arrive to check-in at the airport. This service is available from arriving at airport terminal to being seated on the plane and vice-a-versa.

  • Be aware at some, if not most airports, the distance you need to go to board your flight can be considerable, allow for this in your planning.


Cruising has seen a huge spike in patronage and people with varying abilities are being catered for very well.  There are different levels of accommodation and the traveler is very likely to get the accommodation that best suits their needs.

  • Cruise ships offer an experience and comfort level only dreamt of in years past.

  • Individual Cruise lines cater to different abilities and age groups, so check to see if the cruise you are considering meets your needs and desires. 

  • Cruise ships are more like luxury floating motels with every amenity you could require, the larger ships are more like small towns with every amenity a small town would provide.

  • Disability accommodation on board is usually more than adequate with lifts nearby to access other levels of the ship, corridors are spacious as too are most restaurants on board.

  • Ships are very stable and moving around them is usually no problem. 

  • Be aware that to access ships, tenders may involve accessing some steps although not in all ships and the ship operators and staff are very helpful and considerate to those who may require assistance.

  • When enquiring 'Ask the Question', do they cater for your needs, check out the itinerary and ask if in doubt. 

Holiday Coach:

These are a great way to travel so you don't have to be concerned about doing the driving, well-appointed coaches and experienced drivers and coach staff will take you on a journey full of joy and to places of unbelievable beauty.

  • Coaches used for holiday and long-distance travel are generally very comfortable,     although can be a little cramped for the larger figured person.

  • Coaches generally have access mechanisms which allow access for people with mobility issues. 

  • When enquiring, ask the questions and explain your needs.

Rail Journeys:

Holiday Rail Travel is a comfortable way to see the country while getting to your destination refreshed.

  • Train carriages used for the holidaying passengers have adequate seating space for the average person.

  • For those with mobility issues, easy access to the train is available at most stations.

  • Stations around Australia are undergoing improvements with the addition of ramps and lifts to access the train platforms.  Check your intended stations for suitable access.

  • If wanting to travel by train in other countries, when investigating options, ask if your particular needs can be met.

  • Remember, Australia uses a prepaid travel card, no cash tickets available on the stations. 


When you start changing your thinking to 'How to', the world becomes so much bigger 

and you see so many things you previously thought impossible.

You are only limited by your own beliefs.

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