Umbrella Hearts


Umbrella Hearts is a joint venture of 'Umbrella Ribbons' & 'Hearts & Hands Community Development'.  It is a child protection awareness campaign with the message that

"It’s not OK to hurt children"


Wearing the ‘Umbrella Ribbon’ you show that you care about the children and that you know it is important to protect children from harm.

It’s not OK to hurt a child.

Every day it’s not OK


Umbrella Hearts originated from a trip to the Philippines to work with carers and teachers in an orphanage helping them to understand the trauma experienced by children when they’ve been rescued from the streets, been abandoned, involved in the child sex trade or child trafficking. Having considerable experience in the education role within child welfare in Australia our founder recognised that the message is the same around the world and hence the Umbrella Hearts Ribbon campaign was launched in Australia and the Philippines. 

The Ribbon:

The ribbon has raindrops (tears), they signify the trauma the children have experienced, and the umbrella (a protective shield) represents the carers who choose to care for and protect the children from further trauma (abuse).

The umbrella is a symbol of protection, and wearing the ribbon displays that you believe children are not to be hurt and you are a person who will stand up and protect them.

The message:

You will step up and protect children

You will have the hard conversations

You will be the child's umbrella (their shield).

You will let it be known it is NOT OK to hurt children

The Ribbon Campaign is currently in operation in Australia & Philippines.



To show your support and purchase your Umbrella Ribbon...

It’s not OK to hurt a child.

Every day it’s not OK