Raising awareness of violence and child abuse, 
prompting the protection of victims and children through information,
our actions, expectations & becoming that umbrella to protect the vulnerable. 


Umbrella Hearts is a project of Hearts & Hands Community Development,

a not-for-profit charity which has Australian Tax deductibility status.  

"it's not ok to hurt a child

    every day it's not OK".  

              Wearing  the Umbrella Ribbon (available from our Shop) shows that you care,

              and that you know it is important to protect children from harm.


What does the ribbon mean?:

The umbrella (a protective shield), represents the people who choose to care for and protect the children from further trauma (abuse).

The ribbon has raindrops (tears) that signify the trauma the children have experienced, and

wearing the ribbon shows that you believe children are to be protected and you are a person who will stand up for them, sending the message that:

You will​ 

  • ​step up and protect children

  • have the hard conversations

  • be the child's umbrella, their shield

  • let it be known that its NOT OK to hurt children

  • NOT stay silent if a child is being abused

its criminal actions last a lifetime with the victim. The message is

"You are NOT alone,

It is NOT your fault"

It offers encouragement to join with others standing up against violence and child abuse in our community. 


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much - Helen Keller

Together we can defeat

domestic violence and child abuse

in our community


Take up your umbrella. Join with us

'Hidden No More'

Domestic violence and child abuse are often silent and hidden crimes in our community.

They continue because 'we' choose not to see them because we don't want to get involved.

We fail to see that we are as involved as those living with the violence and abuse.

We are all a product of our life experiences. The victims will carry their experiences into their future and into 'our future'.

Many will grow with unresolved issues and have disdain for society if we don't protect them.

Let's be part of the solution to reduce and banish these crimes.

For Our Future & Our Children's Future

  • Become that umbrella Now

  • Make it known that you will no longer stay silent

  • Decide now, that violence and abuse of any kind does not have a place in your community

  • Be that 'just one' person who will stand up and demand protection for our vulnerable people and children

  • 'Just One' becomes many. Join others becoming the wave for a better future

  • Don't be afraid to report these criminals, they deserve to be reported and dealt with by society's standards 

  • Take up your umbrella and make a difference, let others know you will no longer stay silent and that you demand protection for those experiencing violence and child abuse