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'Are We There Yet'

START: 16th January / FINISH: 26th February 2022
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A very special
Family & Friends Event

'Are We There Yet'
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You might like to do it by car, mini bus, bike or boat.

By yourself, with a friend, with the kids,

with a group of friends or with the family.

Take a picnic, BBQ, snacks to nibble on or support the local shops along the way.

You can do a round trip in one day or split it up to do short trips over several days.

This is not a race.

You do it at your pace and leisure. 

Have fun and complete the tasks at your leisure within the allocated time frame.

Most of all HAVE FUN, ENJOY FAMILY & FRIENDS company and visit great locations dotted around our magnificent Lake Macquarie

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26th February


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Even With Covid-19
we have achieved This:

61 boxes of donated living essentials sent - over
$50,000 worth

15 boxes of donated food, essentials & educational materials

What Now ?
2021 saw the continuation of restrictions due to the Covid epidemic.
Our support of the 
children's home, Kalipay, continues, and sadly one of its management team passed away after contracting Covid-19 and another was critical for a period, thankfully that person is now recovering slowly
Donations from our supporters have enabled us to continue to provide support to the children's home and many communities.
Even these challenging times cannot dampen our resolve to assist the supported communities to lift themselves out of despair and disadvantage . 

We continue putting together boxes of non-perishable food
and other essentials to help them survive these 
uncertain times and we give a very strong Thank You to all who have supported and assisted us over this very difficult time.
If you can, will you help?