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Hearts & Hands Community Development  Traveling Support Team Information

Are on the ground assisting those we support

Disappointedly  the COVID epidemic made it impossible for us to personally travel to our supported communities and we eagerly await things returning to normal (our normal).

Despite this we have continued assisting from afar by sending donated items of food and other items of need to our supported communities. We are grateful these donations have been able to get through to those who so desperately need assistance.

We note that some of the communities who we have helped in the past have stepped up to assist other communities near them who were not in a self sustaining position when COVID changed our world, we are so proud of these communities stepping up and passing it forward.

We are thankful for the continued donations and help from our supporters.

Happy in the knowledge that our continued support is actually achieving what it was intended to achieve, building stronger communities while the supported community raise itself out of abstract poverty and disadvantage. 

Your Support, 'Our Supporters' have enabled this to become a reality,