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Hearts & Hands Community Development Planned 2020 Traveling Support Team Trips 

Are on the ground assisting those we support

Sadly, due to the current situation the world finds itself in all trips to assist our supported communities have been put on hold. We have been keeping in touch though and are very concerned about the effect the situation is having on some of those we support. We have found it necessary to divert from our norm of not giving money but due to reality of food shortage in the areas we support we have decided to offer one off donations to be used solely to feed the communities we support that had not reached self sustainability yet. The recipients understand what the donation is to be used for and that this is not ongoing. This relief has been accepted with thanks and gratitude. 

Hearts & Hands Community Development January 2020 Traveling Support Team 

Are on the ground assisting those we support

Another very successful  trip doing what we do best assisting those less fortunate than ourselves. GREAT WORK volunteers of team Hearts and Hands and to all those who contributed to make it a great success.

  • Provided recently assessed community with support package and provided that community with support and education,

  • Visited supported communities reviewing advances being made, maintaining relationships and assessing continued needs  

  • Delivering many donated items

  • and much more