What We Do

Hearts and Hands

Community Development is not your average charity, we do not give handouts we offer a hand-up to the community wanting to raise themselves out of despair and abject poverty and become a community with

  • self-respect

  • pride in their achievements

  • pride in themselves

  • a goal to assist their neighbouring underprivileged communities, a 'pass-it-on' attitude 

and a community where

  • the safety and wellbeing of all is paramount 

  • they are not reliant on continued charity from outside to exist 

  • they have achieved 'their-goal' and while doing so developed a 'pass-it-on' philosophy and acting on it

Ways We Have Helped

Concrete Hollow Block Making

It may surprise you to know you don't need huge expensive automatic machinery to make concrete blocks to be used in building construction.  Hearts and Hands Community Development help supported communities to construct their own homes & buildings using donated concrete-hollow-block making machines and the training needed to use these machines.  The community provide the labour to make the hollow-blocks and  construct the building needed for the community.  The community then have suitable shelter from the elements and the excitement generated is amazing.

After acquiring skills, knowledge and experience, the community develop a a small concrete-block making business and use the income generated for other community needs.

One Brick at a time 

  • building a future

  • building their community

  • building a community income generating small business 

  • building pride, resilience, confidence and independence

  • developing a pass it on attitude enabling other desperate communities to benefit

Building a future

Building Housing & Community 

Education and encouragement


Community Education is greeted with excitement by those we support due to the fact education is something that was out of the question for these communities as any income they had was needed to feed the community with nothing left over for luxuries like education.

Hearts and Hands Community Development offers communities the ability to become educated without the financial expense associated with education in their country.

Communities have accepted education in areas such as but not limited to

  • Child Development and safety

  • Child welfare and protection

  • Trauma/abuse and its affect

  • Safety in the Community

  • Individuals right to safety

  • Health and nutrition

  • Community health

  • Small business development

  • Carpentry skills, plumbing skills, concreting skills, building and construction skills 

Community needs are assessed in conjunction with the community itself and their needs and wants. As with all Hearts and Hands Projects, assistance is offered conditionally as we do not believe in handouts without responsibility and accountability.



Education for life

Community Sewing


When a community expresses an interest in taking on a Community Sewing project, Hearts and Hands Community Development supports them with the provision of sewing machines, start-up consumables, encouragement,
and education.

Education involves

  • sewing skills - including machine maintenance and care

  • small business setup & operation

  • contract procurement

  • quality control

  • time scheduling

  • record keeping

  • and handling income to ensure both community and business needs

    are met and maintained.

Several communities have benefited from the Community Sewing project. This project has been extended to a supported school enabling the children to develop skills and a positive attitude. They enjoy designing, measuring, cutting, making, and proudly wearing clothing and other items that they have made.

Building Sewing Skills

Sewing for all ages

Hearts and Hands Community Development in consultation with each community, assess their situation, expectations, and commitment before providing assistance. We are not a 'visit once and give' organisation. We build a relationship with the supported community and treat them with respect, no matter what their situation or belief structure happens to be.
We expect the community to take ownership of the changes being offered just as we expect them to take ownership of the advances the community achieves, Hearts and Hands Community Development did not achieve the change, the community themselves achieved the change and we respect them for this.