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Educate Yourself

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  • Concerned about access?

       Experiencing mobility difficulties?

Education facilities are designed to assist the less mobile student thus enabling you to attend further education.  School's, TAFE, University, Private Education providers all provide facilities to cater to the student who is experiencing mobility issues. 


  • Want to get out and get educated?

Look past your difficulties and look at what you can achieve instead. Mobility is no longer an issue to be used as an excuse not to get educated.

  • Your goal is awaiting you

All you have to do is look at 'how you can' achieve it, not what you 'can't do'.  You are entitled to education so don't sit back and accept the negative language and expectations of others in our community, the naysayers.


  • But I don't have the right UAI to enter University?

It is a general perception that a specific UAI rating is necessary to attend university however this is not the fact for all.  There are other ways to enter University studies which you may be able to avail yourself of.

  • You could obtain entry by?

    • Being a full paying student, this avenue is often taken up by overseas students seeking a university education in Australia however if your financial position will allow this may be an option for you also.

    • University entrance courses are available to enable you to enter university then move to the subject matter of your choice. 

    • HELP (HECS) - Study Now Pay Later is also a good way to get started.

    • Check with your intended education facility as to what they have available to assist you.

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Volunteer & Employed


The Why!

The first thing to consider when looking at 'going to work' is to determine the why?

When the word work is mentioned it immediately raises the notion of paid employment however the reality is that it encompasses not only paid but also unpaid (voluntary) efforts.

There is a saying that "a person who enjoys their work, never works a day in their life," as for them, because they enjoy what they are doing it does not seem like work. 

Determine your driving force, the Why:

If money is not the driving force and keeping yourself and your brain active is the driving force, seek what you love doing and that maybe found in the voluntary field or even create your own 'work'.

What's the difference?

In our society voluntary positions are often thought not to be the same as payed positions however they have attached to them the same responsibilities, roles, and expectations as a paid position. The only difference between 'Paid' and 'Voluntary' is, one you get a payment for your time and the other you provide that same time freely. The prospective person doing the task should consider the tasks identical in all respects other than, receiving payment for your time or not receiving payment for your time.

Volunteering, consider what you are doing is your work but work you love doing.

Paid Employment:

Paid employment can be difficult to obtain if you have mobility or other issues, these issues may in no way effect your ability to perform the required task however in our wider society the perception is generally one of 'Can't Do' if you present with issues other than the mainstream applicant.

Yes it is not suppose to occur however people living with issues are very well aware it does.

Don't, however allow societies negativity to creep into your being, keep up the Can-Do attitude and keep trying remembering to look outside the square also.


In Australia we operate within a capitalist system which has traditionally managed an unemployment pool of around 5% of the population.  

Why is this important? it is important to understand that there are issues occurring 'out there' effecting everybody and that you have absolutely no control of.  You do however have control of you, your thoughts and actions, you can choose to give up or continue on - the choice is yours.

But I failed a number of times:

Here we go again! terminology we have imprinted into our psychic which is NOT TRUE!what you actually did was you found a number of times what did not work, you did not fail, you only fail if you stop trying, so keep positive and keep trying.

Voluntary work?

If you decide that the Why, your motivation to seek work is not about money then the field opens up for you.

There a number of organisations you could offer your assistance too:

  • Organisation seeking Volunteers

    • Have a look at the list provided in the SEEK Volunteer or

    • check around your local area for possible work (volunteer) venues.

  • Create your own work.

    • You might enjoy a particular 'hobby' - that is work! 

    • You might enjoy looking after pet animals - that is work!

    • You might enjoy helping children at your local school if the school has programmes available - that is work!

    • The list could go on but I am sure you are getting the picture, it is all about terminology not whether one form of work is better than another.

The difference being, one form of work you are more likely to love doing than just having to do it. 

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