The following Links are organisations which we are happy to support as their aim, like Hearts and Hands Community Development is to assist the disadvantaged in our world.

Hearts and Hands Community Development and its programmes believe the disadvantaged of our world deserve a fairer and more 'just' world in which to live.  

We include here links to businesses & organisations who are supporting the work of Hearts & Hands Community Development and we thank them for their support and assistance.

Umbrella Hearts

A Child Protection & Safety Awareness programme of 'Hearts and Hands Community Development',

 an awareness programme with the message

"It's Not OK to hurt a child. Every day it's not OK'.

Kalipay Negrense Foundation Inc.

A concrete response to the growing number of abused and abandoned, child sex trade and street children in Negros Occidental, Phillipines.

Not just accomodation but a holistic approach including accomodation, education, protection, health and safety, and emotional wellbeing of the children.

'Gifted Hands'

This group has a passion to raise awareness and funding to help charities and organisations who support the widowed, needy and homeless here in Australia and overseas.

They are a group of volunteers who raise money for organisations that do great work around the world.  100% of the profits go directly to charity.

Zonta International 

 A leading global organisation of professionals 'empowering women' worldwide

through service and advocacy.

Australia has been part of Zonta International since 1966 and has grown to be home now to three Zonta International Districts.  Together they incorporate Zonta Clubs in all Australian States and Territories.  

Curves at Speers Point

A Women's Health & fitness Club helping women to get healthier and stronger with their unique fitness solution.

Days for Girls

Days for Girls is changing the status quo through menstrual care solutions, 

health education and income-generation opportunities.


(National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) is making a significant contribution to the safety and wellbeing of Australia's children and young people by raising public awareness of child abuse and neglect and its impacts, and by developing and promoting effective prevention strategies and programs.

Included below are links to businesses and organisations who are financially supporting the work of Hearts & Hands Community Development and we thank them for their valued assistance.