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  • How do I join a team to travel to the supported communities ?
    * Contact us via email * It is important to note that all costs associated with this event are the responsibility of the applicant/volunteer. * To assist you understand what is expected and enable you to make an informed decision, you will be provided with an application kit. This is provided with no obligation. *Complete the application form (including Working with Children & Police checks) * Contact us if you require further information * After assessment of your application, an interview will take place.
  • If I join Hearts and Hands what happens to my personal details?
    Hearts and Hands Community Development will never on-sell, distribute or provide a third party any personal details of our members staff or those we support without prior approval to do so. We regard confidentiality of utmost importance and we use our best efforts ensuring your information is protected. Hearts and hands and its projects regard its members as part of our team and will afford all team members personal information the ongoing privacy treatment expected.
  • When I donate money to Hearts and Hands how much actually gets to where I think it is going?
    The short answer to this is, 100% of your donation can go directly to help our projects. The long answer! We have a donation system that allows the giver to direct their donation as they would like it to be used. As with all organisations there are legal and administrative costs involved however at HHCD we ask the giver to simply note on their donation deposit how they would like it to be used: leave your deposit without noting a purpose allows us to direct your donation where we feel it is most needed at the time. By adding Admin into your donation reference, directs it to support administration and or statuary costs involved with keeping the organisation running. By adding Projects into your donation reference, it is directed entirely to the organisation's projects. (for every$1 given $1 gets used on the purpose it was donated) This is only possible because our volunteers cover all their own costs and assist HHCD to stay a truly volunteer organisation.
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