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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Helen Keller

Partnership Arrangements



In 2019 Hearts and Hands Community Development was invited to partner with iRC Cabacungan in recognition of the previous and ongoing support and guidance HHCD has, and is, freely giving to the disadvantaged people and communities both iRC and HHCD are supporting. This formal partnership continues today and is very well respected by all concerned.

Partnership Arrangements



After several years of assisting children, providing guidance, education and support to the administrators, staff and carers of Kalipay, HHCD entered into a partnership with Kalipay Negrense Foundation. 

This partnership continues today and is very well respected from both HHCD and Kalipay.


H&H & Bobs Honey

Partnership Arrangements

Hearts and Hands Community Development and Bob's Honey working together to improve the lives of others and to promote child protection awareness.

Joint Teamwork



Hearts and Hands Community Development and Survivor's R Us Incorporated have a similar passion to assist the disadvantaged within our community and take a stance against violence and child abuse. 

These organisations have been working within a reciprocal arrangement for some time, and when our Chairperson received an invitation to join the Survivor's R Us Incorporated Advisory Board, the opportunity was gratefully accepted.

Two great organisations working together to promote an end to domestic violence and child abuse and providing support to the victims.

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