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Community Hearts


Community Hearts Project

Our Community Hearts Program offers disadvantaged communities the opportunity to become educated without the financial expense associated in their country.

Communities have accepted education in areas such as: 

  • Child development, welfare, safety, and protection 

  • Community Health and Safety, Protection, and Development

  • Women's Health

  • Trauma Education

  • Individual's right to safety, health, and nutrition

  • Community Business establishment skills

  • Development of self-pride in achievements

Enabling disadvantaged communities to:

  • Break free of intergenerational poverty and despair

  • Become self-supporting and self-reliant 

  • Become a proud community who have pride in their achievements and a community that has developed 'Pay it forward' values.


Community Hearts is about using local knowledge and involvement to better help the community sustain a positive change independently

Building communities with pride in their achievements

Education for life and a future

  • Lives are enhanced with education that will give children an opportunity to learn and gain success for their future.  

  • Education gives adults a greater understanding of the effects of trauma with educational programmes titled eg. 'Looking through a Trauma Lens' approach, what that means for them and the children in their care.

  • Women and girls are better able to understand their bodies with health education.

  • Communities become committed to 'zero tolerance to abuse' when involved in training that explains what violence and safety means for all, and they learn what a difference can be made with a zero tolerance attitude.  

  • Education also enables those wishing to earn an income, a means to do so through their learning of new skills.  


Education at work
Students Recieving Awards
Adult Education at work


Link to Community Education PDF


In all, education is the key to lives being enriched.

Sewing their way to a future

Donated sewing machines, supplies and education are provided by HHCD

  • This enables disadvantaged communities to clothe their own people and to begin a small community business to produce an income.

  • This assistance raises them out of the disadvantaged position they have found themselves in through no fault of their own.

Sewing is for all
Sewing education in opperation
Community Member Sewing

Building communities with a future, one brick at a time

Shelter construction

Hearts and Hands Community Development has supported disadvantaged communities to construct their own houses & community buildings, using donated manual concrete-hollow-block making machine, education in its use, and the initial start-up supplies needed to start making concrete building blocks.

One Brick at a time 

  • building a future

  • building their community

  • building a community income-generating small business 

  • building pride, resilience, confidence and independence

  • developing a 'Pay it forward' attitude enabling other desperate communities to benefit

Concreet Block Home We made


More information 

Link to Concrete Hollow Block PDF

Building safe & nurturing communities

Community Development & Safety

Through Hearts and Hands Community Development, disadvantaged communities are provided with education and support enabling them to make informed positive changes in their community.

These include but not limited to; protecting children from abuse or violence of any kind within their community and creating a safe, nurturing environment for all members of their community to live and prosper.

Safety for all, no exceptions!

Community Member Safety is for all

Creating a bright and rewarding future

H&H Support Team Visit Kalipay
Children at Water Play
Thank you H&H Cake

Kalipay & Recovered Treasures


Hearts and Hands Community Development is proud to support these marvellous projects. They care for orphaned children and children who are survivors of child-abuse & child trafficking.

Using a holistic approach of health, safety, education, enjoyment, and consistent loving care, children are given a chance at a normal life, full of love & caring in a safe, happy environment.

Children are our future, and together we can make it a bright one!