Community Development

Hearts and Hands Philippine Activities

Offering community education, support & development in:

  • Livelihood skills,

  • Child development and safety 

  • Community Safety, Protection and Development

  • Community Business establishment skills

  • Development of self-pride in achievements

Enabling disadvantaged communities to:

  • break free of intergenerational poverty and despair cycle

  • become self-supporting and self-reliant 

  • become a proud community who have pride in their achievements 

  • develop a community with 'Pay it forward' values.

Building a community who have pride in themselves


Education for all

Education is greeted with excitement by those we support due to the fact that education is something that was out of the question for these communities. Their immediate need was to feed the community and with nothing left over for luxuries like education.

Hearts and Hands Community Development offer disadvantaged communities the opportunity to become educated without the financial expense associated with education in their country.

Communities have accepted education in areas such as:

  • education / schooling

  • adult education

  • child development and safety

  • child welfare and protection

  • trauma/abuse and its affect

  • individuals right to safety

  • health and nutrition

  • community health & safety













All Hearts and Hands assistance is offered conditionally as we do not believe in handouts without responsibility and accountability.

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Education for life and a future

Building a community with pride in their achievements


Sewing their way to a future

                                  Donated sewing machines, supplies

                                  and education are provided by

                                  Hearts and Hands Community Development.                                    This enables disadvantaged communities to clothe their own people and to begin a small community business to produce an income. This assistance raises them out of the disadvantaged position they have found themselves in through no fault of their own.


Sewing for all ages

Skills for resilience & pride

Building community housing and a small business brick by brick

Shelter construction

It may surprise visitors to know that you don't need huge expensive automatic machinery to make concrete blocks to be used in building construction.  Through the support of our donors, Hearts and Hands Community Development are able to support disadvantaged communities to construct their own houses & community buildings using a donated 'manual concrete-hollow-block' making machine, initial start-up supplies and the training needed to use these machines.  

The excitement generated when the community are able to have suitable shelter is amazing. They are then able to develop a small concrete-block making business and use the income generated for other community needs like food, clothing and education.

One Brick at a time 

  • building a future

  • building their community

  • building a community income generating small business 

  • building pride, resilience, confidence and independence

  • developing a pay it forward attitude enabling other desperate communities to benefit

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Building community with a future, one brick at a time

Building a safe & nurturing community


Community Safety & Development

Through Hearts and Hands Community Development, disadvantaged communities are provided with education and support enabling them to make informed positive changes in their community.

These include but not limited to; not allowing child abuse or violence of any kind within their community and creating a safe, nurturing environment for all members of their community to live and prosper.

Safety for all, no exceptions

Creating a bright and rewarding future

Kalipay & Recovered Treasures

Hearts and Hands is proud to support these marvellous projects, caring for and raising orphaned children and survivors of child-abuse & child trafficking.

Using a holistic approach of health, safety, education, enjoyment and constant loving care, children are given a chance at a normal life, full of love & caring in a safe, happy environment.


Children are our future, we will make it a bright one!

Enabling a disadvantaged young person to obtain higher education


University Scholarships 

University scholarships to assist disadvantaged young people with a desire and ability to pursue higher education. To find out more: Click link to document >>>

Link to Education & scolorship PDF


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Our future is looking bright

Making Old new again


Community Clear Sight Programme

Eye classes no longer wanted by the original wearer, are given to people within supported disadvantaged communities, enabling them to see clearly and for some, for the very first time.  

We make Old 'New again' 



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We can see clearly now