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Greater Bank BSB 637000  719356087

Thank you for caring about children and impoverished communities.

By supporting Hearts & Hands Community Development and its projects, you are helping us to fulfil our mission to ensure communities are provided with support to enable the community to raise themselves out of abject poverty and neglect, to become a community where the safety and wellbeing of every person is paramount.  A community that no longer has to rely on handouts to survive, but instead have the ability to become and have, self-reliance, self-respect and pride in their achievements.


We rely on the generosity of people like you to prevent child abuse and neglect and assist these communities rise out of their current situation.
Thank you for your generosity, your support is truly appreciated.

Your generous support really does change the 'world' for one impoverished community at a time.

Giving is a very important and considered action, the amount or style of your gift will be very personal to you.

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Help for today brings hope for tomorrow

Your donation assists disadvantaged people to bring about a difference in their lives. 

Hearts and Hands Community Development is registered with Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission  and has been granted tax deductibility status for monetary donations.

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Charity Status:  CFN22835