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Supporting Mobility challenged people, our  Disabled community members.


Assisting the underprivileged to raise themselves

out of despair and utter poverty

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Protecting our vulnerable community members, the CHILDREN

Umbrella Hearts

Umbrella Hearts is a joint venture of 'Umbrella Ribbons' and

 'Hearts & Hands Community Development'.  

It is a child protection awareness campaign with the message that

"It’s not OK to hurt children"

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Butterfly Hearts

Butterfly Hearts is a project of 'Hearts & Hands Community Development'.  

It is a web based site offering those in our community living with mobility issues, whether classified as Disabled or not, with information, encouragement, service & product Member Reviews as well as advocacy to decision makers in an effort to change the language from 'Disabled Friendly' to 'All People Friendly'. 

Our aim is to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families, carers and communities by working towards eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people to reach their fullest potential through the power of information and access to others experiences and ideas.

To view more information on the Butterfly Hearts Project click the logo to left.