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Butterfly Hearts
Wheelchair & Happy

Butterfly Hearts Project:

Believe we can affect the lives of others by our own actions, expectations and shared experiences.

Butterfly Hearts: 

​Is a member-based Web-based project which includes information, ideas, encouragement, and participation for people living with mobility issues.

You do not need to be classified as disabled to benefit from this member-based project.


We encourage an attitude of


and a philosophy of


We provide examples and encouragement to investigate the possibilities and take control of your life.

WE believe a ‘CAN DO’ attitude can assist in the achievement of your goals.


OUR AIM: is to raise awareness of the issues that people living with mobility issues experience on a daily basis.

We aim to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families & friends, carers, and communities, by helping people to reach their fullest potential through the power of information, encouragement and the sharing of experiences and ideas.

It’s about

‘HOW TO’  &  ‘CAN DO’


Click MENU to go to Butterfly Hearts access page

Pages to Access

  • Personal Needs

  • Activities

  • Education

  • Work Opportunities

  • Suggestions and tips for easier living

  • Home & Maintenance

  • Ability to place and see member reviews of services and products

  • Disability-friendly travel and accommodation ideas

  • Links to Government & Non-Government information & support site

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