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Activities You Might Like to Try

The World Becomes Much Bigger when you

Change Your Thinking to 'How To'

The links below may help you to see what is possible

Have a look at some possibilities available to you, With a 'Can Do' attitude it can be done.

Want to experience the thrill of riding a motor cycle?

Ride a motor bike or enjoy a trike? Find activities to suit your needs. Experience the effect of riding and being free. The smile on your face will last long after you dismount.

Want to experience a 4WD adventure?

There are a number of 4WD tours available in fantastic areas around the world, from sparse desert areas, great sandy beaches and islands, to traveling deep into magnificent tropical forests.

Want to climb mountains?

So what's stopping you? See what others are doing and how you might be able to fulfil this desire.

Land Based Activities

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Want to play a sport? 

Check out the variety and number of activities a person experiencing mobility and other issues has available to them.

Show the world what you can do, or maybe just prove to yourself you can do it!


As not every impairment is represented across every Paralympic sport, Select-a-Sport will help you to discover which sports you may be eligible to compete in.


Water Activities

Sail Boat
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Want to try sailing?

There are a number of locations that have sailing opportunities for people with mobility difficulties or other challenges.  

Sailability - Look for a location near you.

Want to experience Surfing?

Feel the rush! The Disabled Surfers Association (DSAA) can support people living with issues ranging from asthmatics to joint injuries to paraplegic. They have supported opportunities for everyone to experience safe and happy surfing events, whilst under complete supervision from their trained Team Leaders and Beach Marshalls.

Want to experience Dragon Boat Racing?

If you are looking for a team activity that has the benefit of improving your overall fitness, provides the thrill of local, interstate and international competition, in a welcoming team environment, Dragon Boat racing might be for you.


Many private and public swimming pools cater to the mobility challenged person. Contact your local pool to see if they support your needs.

Have fun and keep fit at the same time.

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Like to Just go to the beach?

Check with the beach of your choice as patrolled beaches are progressively making provision for those of us with mobility issues. Check out what's available to you!


Winter & Summer Activities


Disabled Wintersport Australia is an organisation which allows disabled women, men, and children to participate in sport on the snow such as skiing and snowboarding. These activities allow you to embrace your disability and free your spirit from any fears you may have.


Help to inspire and guide you through every aspect of your journey towards meeting your aspirations and dreams for a more fulfilled life by embracing the therapeutic experiences to be found in the Alps and Mountains.


RDA Centres provide suitable horses, trained volunteer helpers, accredited RDA coaches, riding and safety equipment to run a range of equestrian activities including:

  • structured riding classes, recreational horse riding

  • dressage, equestrian camps

  • Plus other activities



Welcome to our Para Sports Directory. Pathways to participate in Para Sports in NSW. 


Helpful Site

"Have Wheelchair Will Travel" is a site set up to describe one disabled persons experiences and provide you information about those activities and experiences.

Don't be an observer in life. Participating is so much better.

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What Choices Do I Have?

Physical activity – choosing the one for you.

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Play Tennis

Great way to play tennis. There are different formats to choose from and leagues for all abilities and ages. Leagues can be social or competitive, run day or night and can last from a few weeks to an entire season.


Tenpin Bowling leads the way in actively including all participants in play. Whether it’s the first time in a bowling centre, using portable lanes in school/community setting or representing your state at the National Disability Championships – we aim to support each individual’s opportunity to bowl.

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Lawn Bowls is a low impact, precision sport where people with a physical disability can participate equally with able-bodied competitors. There are no changes to the standard competition rules of Bowls applied. The game involves rolling radially asymmetrical balls (called lawn bowls) towards the target of a smaller white ball (called the Jack).  

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Like Robin Hood

The sport of archery was introduced to Australia by the European settlers in the 18th and 19th Centuries, this skill based activity is ideal for the person with lower  body mobility issues. Build upper strength and coordination while enjoying the challenge. 

 Change you're thinking to 'How to' and the world becomes so much bigger,

you see so many things you previously thought impossible.

You realise

You are only limited by your own beliefs'

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