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Accessible Beaches

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Going to the Beach is not out of the Question

Accessible Beaches Link

Off to the Beach

Going to the beach for people with mobility or other issues, after an accident or illness they find it is often no longer possible to pursue this passion and interest in a meaningful way.   For these people going to the beach and getting involved in beach activities has not seemed to be an option.  

Until now, the times are changing!

Gold coast Beaches Link

Gold Coast City is working with a number of local surf life saving clubs and community organisations to make their beaches more accessible and inclusive. Here is a list of accessible beaches you might like to enjoy.

WA access information

Western Australia:  Find accessible business and community facilities, access information that will assist people of all ages and abilities, including people who use a wheelchair, have difficulty walking or who are blind or deaf.

Life Mobility Link

Victoria’s Top, wheelchair and people with mobility issues 'Accessible Attractions'

Melbourne Accessiblity Beaches

Melbourne accessible Beaches

Sydney Accessability Beaches

Sydney and surrounds accessible Beaches

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