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Spotlight & Awards

In the Local Spotlight

Hearts and Hands Community Development 

local recognition of the efforts and contribution Hearts and Hands Community Development is making within our local community.

Recognition from the City of Lake Macquarie through their 'LAKE MAC AWARDS' 

March 2023

Hearts and Hands Community Development - Umbrella Hearts project is proud to be a finalist in the 


An acknowledgement of the valued contribution our volunteers are having within our community.

A team of volunteers giving to the community much more than just a heart. 

Lake Macquarie Award

Congratulations to Hearts and Hands Community Development Chairperson Astrid Hocking for being awarded 2023 Lake Macquarie Senior of the Year.

April 2022

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 2.51.17 pm.png


Recognition from Lake Macquarie City, home location of Hearts and Hands Community Development, recognising the efforts HHCD is making to raising awareness of violence and child abuse. 

Lake MacQuarie Award

November 2022

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 2.08.40 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 2.30.33 pm.png
Aust of Year 2023Award
Astrid Australian of the year awards 2023
Australian of the year nominees
Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at

Candidates for the four categories being awarded. 

Chosen from thousands of applications to become

four finalists in each category.

Everyone a winner.

Hearts and Hands Community Development's  long term volunteer, guiding hand and chairperson is recognised for her dedication, passion for advocacy, helping children and her stand against violence and child abuse.

Astrid commented, "This award is for all the volunteers helping HHCD change the lives of so many disadvantaged people. This is not my award it is our award".

H&H Recognition Cert9.44 pm.png

August 2022

Recognition of the past and ongoing support that HHCD has, and is providing to extremely poor and disadvantaged communities in the Philippines 

H&H Kalipay Recognition Certificate

February 2019

Astrid Hocking, on behalf of HHCD, was recognised to become an"Honorary Member of the Board of Trustees" of KALIPAY Children's Homes in Philippines.

Accepting the honorary position, sees HHCD representation present at "KALIPAY Board of Trustees Meetings" which gratefully accept the input and recommendations put forward. This is a continuing role and one which continues to be very well respected from both sides.

A partnership aimed to improve the outcomes for the children both organisations are so passionate about.

IRC Ambassador

February 2019

In recognition of years of support and assistance provided by HHCD the two organisations worked to formalise the relationship and thus a partnership.

Astrid Hocking, on behalf of HHCD was recognised as Ambassador cementing the relationship.

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