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2022 - 2023

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A Hand Up - not a hand out

Who We Are?

Hearts and Hands Community Development is a not-for-profit organisation operated by volunteers. 

Our assistance is offered to all people equally, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. 


All assistance we offer is on a conditional basis dependent on the community’s assessed needs and their willingness to accept assistance with their active involvement in the programme offered. The recipient may choose to opt out at their discretion.

Our Mission

To assist impoverished communities to raise themselves out of abject poverty and neglect, to become a community where the safety and well-being of every person is paramount.


To raise awareness of domestic violence and child abuse.          

To encourage the community to become involved in removing these crimes from our society.

To raise awareness of the mobility issues of people within our community and offer a web-based portal for people experiencing these difficulties. Thus, enabling them to find practical opportunities, education and to give and receive peer reviews of services and products.

How do we do so much with so little?

We are all volunteers. 

We take no payment for our services.

Travel is self-funded.

We respect the person or community, without judgment.

We have generous supporters who donate time, and/or money and/or goods.


Behind Us

Hearts and Hands Community Development is a Christian based charity and commenced operation in 2011. We do not evangelise or restrict our support based on our own spiritual beliefs and background.




Help for today brings hope for tomorrow

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