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Our Mission

Assist impoverished communities raise themselves out of abject poverty and neglect to become a community where the safety and well-being of every person is paramount, where the community no longer has to rely on handouts, scavenging or begging to survive, but instead, have the ability to become and have self-reliance, self-respect, and pride in their own achievements.

What do we do?

Hearts and Hands Community Development is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation operating from Australia, providing a range of programs and services in the areas of livelihood skills training, child development & protection and business establishment, that will enable extremely poor communities to break out of the cycle of intergenerational poverty and not become dependant on charity but become self supporting and self dependent; a community with self pride and one which has also developed 'pass-it-on' values.

How do we do this?

We provide support, education, training in livelihood skills, health and hygiene, women’s health, Child safety and development, and we provide "conditional" seed funding for start-up equipment and supplies to enable the recipient’s to achieve long lasting self sustainability.

Behind us and our assistance?

Hearts and Hands Community Development is a Christian faith based 'Not for Profit',

Non-Government Organisation.

We offer assistance to all people equally, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

All assistance is offered conditional on the communities assessed needs, and the

person / community accepting assistance and their continued active involvement.  

Where did we come from?

Hearts and Hands Community Development was established in 2012 after Lynne Balcells and friends visited a number of isolated and extremely poor villages in The Philippines. They found the mostly illiterate population unable to provide adequately for their families and after discussions with local parents, social workers and community leaders it was made apparent that the people could benefit from skills training appropriate to their area.

Where is our support given?

Hearts and Hands Community Development is currently operating programs in Australia and Philippines, many communities have already achieved considerable advancement and raised themselves out of abject poverty and despair.

How do we do so much with so little?

We achieve so much because we operate a truly voluntary charity model.  One where all our efforts are carried out on a self-funded voluntary basis and our model operates with respecting the community, and without judging the community accepting our assistance.  

Volunteers are our backbone, with their support we're able to change the world for many, as the volunteers do so completely at their own expense.

We are a young and growing organisation that is open to invitations to expand our model into other areas and countries.



Help for today brings hope for tomorow

Hand Up not a hand out

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