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Self Improvement Course

Child Raising Basics

Change Practice – Practise Change

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Child Raising Basics tried and proven successful in the real world.

Child raising 'how to' for parents -

a way forward for the sometimes difficult times ahead in this changing world for us and our children.

Course Background

Our society is rapidly changing, and along with that change, societal expectations are changing as well.

Over the years we have been told by authorities what we can no longer do, e.g. hit a child, however, those same instructions have been extremely lacking as they failed to,

Explain why, Explain the difference between discipline and abuse or Explain how to discipline in place of the old hitting method

We were just told that we could no longer hit our children, and no reason or alternative discipline methods were provided.

In this environment, several so-called parenting programs/methods were portrayed as ‘The Way To Parent/Raise Children’ which in the real world proved to create more dysfunction within our society. 

At Umbrella Hearts we take a different view and while we strongly advocate for the abolishment of child abuse in all its forms, we acknowledge expecting change without providing alternatives is a useless exercise, and will only result in further confusion, anguish, and failure. This will affect the whole of our society into the future.

Rather than just saying “It’s NOT OK to hurt a child, every day It's NOT OK” and leaving it at that. At Hearts and Hands Community Development - Umbrella Hearts project, we have chosen to provide alternatives to the old practices to help people transition into the new up-to-date ideas and methods that have been proven to work within a real person’s world not just in the academic world. 

We realise and understand there is no one fix for all situations, however, we believe if we start with the basic and simple premise that ‘It’s NOT OK to hurt a child, every day it’s NOT OK’ and work from there everything will improve over time.


To live within a society, we need to have rules, expectations, and responsibilities, to achieve a harmonious existence.

When they do not come together well, we have a dysfunctional society, one with little to no respect for others.

At Umbrella Hearts we accept we cannot expect the individual to change their current practices if they have no knowledge or experience of what is now expected of them. This self-guided course enables you to make an informed decision whether to instigate change in your or your child's life or not. 

The Accidental Abuser - (Umbrella Heart's terminology)

The meaning of the term ‘abuse’ has changed over the decades. Many of us were raised in a family where it was seen as ‘OK’ to discipline a child by hitting them. That discipline became abuse when it was acknowledged that hitting, can hurt the child. Society demanded a change, and the ruling was made that hitting was no longer considered an acceptable form of discipline and is not to be tolerated within our modern society. For further information on abuse and  Child Abuse visit the linked page.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the change has been hindered by the lack of explanation and education, and workable alternatives were not provided. Many people unintentionally now fall into the ‘abuser’ terminology. At Umbrella Hearts, we term them as Accidental Abusers.  

So how can a person change their behaviour and not be an Accidental Abuser?

The answer, like lots of things in life, is very simple and begins with acknowledgement and then making yourself aware of how to change the unwanted behaviour. 

The key is to have a willingness to accept change and learn the new (Change Practice) then implement the new (Practise Change).

Completing our free self-directed course 'Change Practice - Practise Change' will enable you

a) to be informed

b) to choose to make a change

c) to have a better life for you and your child

Will you take up the challenge to Change Your Practice and then Practise Your Change with the promise of

creating a much brighter future for both you and your child?

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