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Child Abuse

Umbrella Ribbon
Umbrella Hearts

Children Deserve Protection

What is abuse?

It is important to say that what is classed as abuse over time changes, with changes in societal expectations. However, within a lot of western societies, which include Australia, there is a clear description of what our society regards as child abuse.

Child abuse & neglect has five categories within it.

They are:

  • physical abuse

  • emotional maltreatment

  • neglect

  • sexual abuse and

  • exposure to family violence

To educate yourself about the topic of ‘Child abuse and neglect’ and the definitions and meanings please have a look on the Australian Government website:  


What does Umbrella Hearts want you to do?

Umbrella Hearts awareness programme wants YOU to spread the word (it's that simple).

Wear the ribbon, talk to your neighbours, talk to your friends, your acquaintances, whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Encourage others to join the ground swell of caring people having a voice for those who often have none, the victims of violence and our children.  

Let it be known that you are one person who will not accept or turn a blind eye to violence or child abuse any more. You will do what you can to protect these vulnerable people and our children.


What to do if you suspect a child is being abused?

Anyone who suspects, on reasonable grounds, that a child or young person is at risk of being neglected or physically, sexually or emotionally abused, should report it to their States or Country's reporting authority.

Above all, if you are aware that abuse is going on, don't keep it to your self. 

To report suspected child abuse or neglect within New South Wales - Australia,

call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)


Police: 000 if abuse is occurring and help is needed immediately for the child's safety.


Make yourself aware of your state or country's Child Protection

reporting process and phone numbers.

Helpful Information & Contacts for Australia

Child Family Community Australia

What is child abuse and neglect?

This site provides information about abuse, what it is and the different types of abuse.

General Public - Making a Report

Reporting Child abuse Contact details for each state and territory

Child Family Community Australia

Information about Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect

Mandatory Reporters - Making a Report

Mandatory Reporters = Reporting Child abuse Contact details for each state and territory



NAPCAN offers training and programs Australia wide which focus on offering best practice in prevention of child abuse. View our training calendar to view and book programs in your area.

Child Abuse takes many forms

It is not just

  • child trafficking

  • child pornography exploitation

  • children forced onto the street to beg or

  • children forced into the sex trade

  • children going without food or clothing

  • children suffering intentionally inflicted hurt, broken bones, bruises, burns and poison ingestion

   This list can go on and on, however, we are sure you understand this so we ask,

   will you step up?

Your task should you choose to accept it

Will you

  • Stand with us

  • Become a true 'community member' and stand up for our children's right to safety

  • Join with us and commit to not remaining silent to known abuse occurring

  • Have the hard conversations

  • Be the child's umbrella {their shield}

  • Let it be known 'it is NOT OK to hurt a child' 

  • Join this movement to abolish all forms of abuse from within our society and the World, one community, one suburb, one street, one block, one property, one house at a time

  • Wear the Umbrella Ribbon with pride

Umbrella Ribbon

Will you take up your umbrella?

Umbrella for protection
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