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Orange Ride for Child Protection Awareness

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September  8th

Start: Croudace Bay Park (near Boat Ramp) 9:00am for a 10:00am ride-out.  

Finish: Rathmines Park 11:00am (traversing the lake.  [approx. 45 min ride]

Registration: Free: (to assist the flow and event success please register on line) >

Register Online  to order your Rider Pack: $20 – Pickup at Ride Start.

Includes merchandise & entry to 'Best Dressed Bike & Rider'. – (theme, Orange & Fun).

(included in rider pack: Umbrella Hearts Ribbon, Lanyard, Pen and Patch for your jacket). 

Registration on the day: Not preferred' Free Registration for ride only:

You are welcome to join us to raise awareness and to say It's not OK to hurt a child, every day it's not OK, however we will gratefully accept donations if you feel you can. These donations will go directly to help us develop and implement activities to raise awareness of abuse within our community.

To Register: Please click the Register link above.

Register Here

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Register Now

Free to Register

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Whats it all about?

Hearts and Hands Community Development and its Projects are all totally volunteer developed and opperated.

Hearts and Hands Community Development - UMBRELLA HEARTS - OR4CPa (Orange Ride for Child Protection Awareness) aims to start a national conversation to raise awareness of the need to protect Children from abuse.  We invite you to help us get the country talking and join your OR4CPa Ride.

205,156 Australian Children were involved in notifications of abuse in 2020. This number has been and continues to grow. One child being abused is one too many, 205,156+ children a year is shameful.


It is time for all of us to take a stand and let it be known that abuse of children or others is not accepted in our community of Australia, and we will no longer ignore or turn a blind eye to this tragic reality. 


We will make it known that, It’s not OK to hurt a child, every day it’s not OK.  It takes a community to raise a child, and we are the child’s community, we will stand up and be counted, we will do our bit to eliminate abuse from our community and we will stand with those experiencing abuse.

Breaking the ignorance and  silence is the key to raising awareness which will then instigate change within our community, abuse will then have nowhere to hide.  Children will then be able to lead a safe, meaningful, and fulfilling life. 

Hearts and Hands Community Development – UMBRELLA HEARTS aims to raise awareness and break down barriers to get the conversations started.  Join other riders on the Second Sunday in September to start a national conversation around Child Protection Awareness.

Protecting children is everyone's responsibility.

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The Ribbon:

The ribbon has raindrops (tears), that signify the trauma some children may have experienced, and the umbrella (a protective shield) represents those who choose to care for and protect the children.

Wearing the ribbon:

The Umbrella is a symbol of protection. By wearing the ‘Umbrella Ribbon’, you show that you care about the children and that you know it is important to care for and protect children from harm. You believe there is no place in our community for abuse of any kind. 

It’s not OK to hurt a child.

Every day it’s not OK

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Our fantastic volunteers are out raising child protection awareness in our local communities all year round, and asking the question?

Is this what we want for our children?

is this what we want for our future?

Or do we stand up and say

It’s not OK to hurt a child, every day it’s not OK

 We ride to get the community talking, raise awareness of children being abused within our community and accepting the challenge to let it be known that we will no longer turn a blind eye or ignore it when we know a child is in harms way.

Date:  Sunday 8th September. 2024

Assemble: from 9:00am at Croudace Bay Park (near Boat Ramp) for a 10:00am group ride-out.

Ride Finish: Rathmines Park 11:00am. BBQ after ride will be available and you are encouraged to mix and mingle with other like minded riders and general public.

Ride arrangement & plan:

OR4CPa (Orange Ride for Child Protection Awareness) official rider and BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) will lead the ride followed by all other participants. Traveling at a maximum of 70km per hr along suburban major roads, 50km per hr along minor suburban streets and a maximum of 80km per hr out of town area along route.

The ride is easily navigated for riders of all skill levels with normal group riding etiquette and skills needed.

Riders will be given a ride briefing prior to ride commencement and all will leave the start point as a group. All turns will either have a corner marshell or be clearly sign posted, most corners along route will be left turns.

All riders will practice ride behaviour that will not bring disrespect to the organisers, the ride purpose, or other riders. Riders are expected to follow all rules of the road and practice share the road behaviour, respecting all other road users.

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