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Help for today brings hope for tomorrow


Hearts and Hands Community Development offers disadvantaged individuals and communities a hand-up not a handout. We aim for a positive change and will continue assistance towards self-sustainability.

We provide information regarding abuse and/or violence, and promote raising awareness of the importance of Child Protection. 

Additionally, we provide a web-based information service for people living with mobility issues, labelled disabled or not.

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"Together we can do so much more"     Helen Keller

Volunteers changing the world one person, one community at a time.

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Community Hearts

Assisting communities to raise themselves out of abject poverty and neglect, to become a community where the safety and well-being of every person is paramount.

Butterfly Hearts


Raising awareness of mobility issues experienced by people within our community,

and offering members a web-based portal for people experiencing mobility issues. 

(Features practical opportunities, education, peer reviews of services and products

plus much more)

Umbrella Hearts


Raising awareness about domestic violence and child abuse and encouraging the community to protect children, to create a better world.

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Community Hearts Project Logo
Butterfly HeartsInformation for the disabled
Many Hands with love in their hands
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The New Year has arrived and many people within our community are experiencing difficulty through no fault of their own.

At Hearts and Hands Community Development, we try to assist where possible but cannot without your assistance. Will you brighten the new year for someone else by helping us?

Please donate now if you are able or support our fun fundraising activities.

Camp Teddy activity for special friends
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Registrations NOW OPEN

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Hearts and Hands Community Development acknowledges and respects

the traditional custodians of the country we call Australia.

We also acknowledge and respect all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality,

or religious beliefs.

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