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'Together we can do so much'
- Helen Keller

Umbrella Hearts

A child safety awareness programme that believes children are to be kept


It’s not OK to hurt a child.

Every day it’s not OK

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Hearts and Hands Community Development is a not for profit Charity providing encouragement and assistance to enable disadvantaged, poor and destitute people to improve their circumstance through targeted programmes to enable the poor to reach better outcomes for the family or community. Hearts and Hands Community Development is based in Australia providing services and projects throughout the world. Hearts and Hands Community Development operates projects Umbrella Hearts which is a Child safety awareness project targeting child abuse, child exploitation, and encouraging public to take control and report abusers, become the umbrella to shield the children from abuse and exploitation. Hearts and Hands Community Development also operates the Butterfly Hearts project which is a member based web site enabling those experiencing disability or mobility issues to move out of being designated disabled, to take control of their own life and to assist others to take control of their lives. 

Hearts and Hands Community Development and its projects Umbrella Hearts and Butterfly Hearts operate in a spot for profit Charity bases relying on volunteers to achieve its positive outcomes.

Links provided within our site and our project sites Hearts and Hands Community Development has provided these as a service to our site users with the intention of providing our users more and varied topic related information allowing the user to make informed decisions and get further educated on their topic of interest.

Hearts and Hands poor communities to be involved in their own achievements and success in a community raising themselves is that communities achievement with only assistance from Hearts and Hands Community Development or its projects Umbrella Hearts or Butterfly Hearts.

Hearts and Hands Community Development relies on donations from the community to for fill its activities, these donations com from the general public, businesses, but no financial support is received from the Australian Government.

Hearts and Hands and its projects achieve its objects using volunteers who give of there time, finances and skill sharing to enable the disadvantaged within our society and around the world to raise themselves out of despair, disadvantage and disillusionment to become positive, looking toward the future full go excitement, achievement and fulfilment and safety, a future where they have control instead of being a prisoner, victim to circumstance. Hearts and hands aims to raise the individuals sense of wellbeing, achievement, positive outlook and a life filled with pride and justice for all. 

Hearts and Hands Community Development is a Not for Profit volunteer Charity organisation

with Australian tax deductibility providing:

  • Training & Support in Livelihood Skills, 

  • Child Development, 

  • Community Safety & Protection development and

  • Community Business establishment skills.


This assistance enables extremely poor and disadvantaged communities to

  • break out of the cycle of intergenerational poverty and despair,

  • raise themselves to become self supporting and

  • become a community which has developed self pride with  'Pay it forward' values.